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Cloud Hosting to load website faster

Once you are convinced that you cannot improve your site load time any further, try using a change of web hosting.

Apart from conventional three types of hosting, you can also try Cloud Hosting, which is somewhat similar to CDN.


Faster Website means more Revenue

For your Internet business, faster website can lead to significant changes in total revenue, even upto thousands of dollars.

  • For ecommerce site, it means more engagement from user.
  • For a blog, it means more pageviews per person and in turn more clicks on ads.
  • For companies and service providers, it symbolizes unmatched quality and excellence in web design , just like WordPress has.

The Most Important Tip for Site Speed

This is a very queer observation .

  • Your site load time before using any plugin at all was 4 seconds.
  • Now, after using these plugins, it is still 4 seconds or worse still, it has gone above 4 seconds.

Then your website is not suited to the use of these plugins.

You can benefit by just using a single tool called CDN .


Some Troublesome Issues : Make Note

I would like to point that these following may happen.

  • The CDN cache and W3 Total cache may conflict. If you prefer W3 Total cache then,
  • Defer Parsing of Javascript is not done as well by Lazy Load as done by CDN. So, it is a cyclic redundancy.

You have to give up on one thing.

It may be better to use W3 Total Cache and use Lazy Load plugin leaving the CDN aside.

But, if the CDN works fine with them, it is the most powerful boost to site load time.